Antietam Broadband's IT and Engineering teams work diligently to make ongoing updates and improvements to our systems. We want to make it easy for our customers to enjoy the latest products. With this in mind, over the next three months, we will be moving to a Single Sign On system, introducing a more robust Webmail platform, and improving our My Services account management portal.

  • My Services Portal - This improved account management portal makes it much simpler for users to add, remove, and manage user accounts and to retrieve forgotten user login credentials. It also offers a simplified sign-in system that will allow users to access multiple Antietam Broadband services using a single username and password.
  • Webmail - This enhanced user interface offers many additional benefits, including improved SPAM controls, more tools to manage email preferences, and a brand-new mobile app! If you use our Webmail, please visit the complete details and user guide.

Complete details and user guide for Webmail

Action Required

Each user account must be updated to work with these new systems. To make the process as simple and convenient as possible, each account will be converted on a self-service basis by an online Migration Wizard.

Please Note: after completing the migration, it may take up to 30 minutes for all of your emails to move over from the old system to the new system.

Here's how it works:

  • Beginning JUNE 16, 2020, customers accessing My Services or Webmail via a web browser will be automatically redirected to the Migration Wizard. You can choose to proceed with the migration or opt to complete it later.

Migration Wizard Images

If You Have Multiple MyACTV.NET Email Addresses:

  • Customers with multiple @myactv.net email addresses must complete the migration for each email address independently. To do so, please login to Webmail via a web browser and follow the Migration Wizard instructions. Any @myactv.net email address that is not migrated will be discontinued at the conclusion of the migration window later this year.

If You Use an Email Client for your MyACTV.NET Email Access:

Please note, all accounts must complete the migration. 

Frequently Asked Questions

For more details, see our migration FAQ webpage.

Migration FAQs

Need help? We're here 24/7!

Please reach out to us via the Live Chat feature located in the bottom right of this screen, or call 301-797-5000, and follow the prompts to technical support.


The new Webmail interface will offer many additional benefits, including improved SPAM controls, more tools to manage email preferences, and a brand-new mobile app! 

Zoho Webmail Getting Started Guide

Zoho Webmail Features Guide

Zoho Mail on other Email Clients

If you prefer to use other email clients, we support IMAPPOP and ActiveSync. Here's how you configure IMAP for iOS, Android and Windows phones.  Please use the settings below which are specific to the MyACTV.net service.

Incoming Mail Server Information:

  • IMAP Server/Host Name: zimap.myactv.net 
  • Security Type: SSL
  • Port: 993

Outgoing Mail Server Information:

  • SMTP Server/Host name: zsmtp.myactv.net
  • Security Type: SSL 
  • Port: 465
  • Require Authentication to Send: Turned on

Mobile App

This is the app you use to check your email, set reminders about important emails, find elusive attachments, and schedule your meetings in a calendar. An email app unlike any other, Inbox Insight is a search engine for your inbox.  See and download the entire range of Zoho mobile apps here

Notice About Web Space

As part of the email update, Antietam Broadband will no longer be hosting web spaces. If you currently have a personal myactv.net website that you wish to preserve, please: 

  • Back-up all files associated with the site.
  • Move the site to another hosting service.  Zoho, our new webmail provider, offers web design and hosting services directly to consumers. For more information, visit Zoho.com

Difference Between Email Client and Webmail

Email ClientWebmail
A program that allows users access to their emails on a computer.
Allows users access to their email via a web browser.
If you access your email using a computer or mobile application like Outlook, Thunderbird, or the iPhone’s Mail app, you are using an email client.If you access your email by visiting https://webmail.myactv.net in your web browser, you are using webmail.