A Message from Antietam Broadband

To Our Valued Customers:

As you know, in recent weeks, Antietam Broadband has been the target of a series of malicious cyber-attacks to our distribution network. These attacks have periodically disrupted communication on the network that serves our customers.

Antietam Broadband routinely deflects attacks to our network. However, in our 51-year history, we have never experienced a barrage of cyber events as we have recently encountered. Events of these types are on the rise around the world, presenting on-going and increasing challenges to all companies. We are working with federal law enforcement and third-party experts on these attacks.

Here is our current status:

  • We have gone two weeks since the last event. We believe that the measures we’ve taken have been effective, and we are closely watching our network in case the attackers try again.
  • We are increasing the credit to residential customers from two to three weeks. Credits will be automatically placed on your bill. If you previously received two weeks of credit, on your next bill you will see the additional week of credit. These additional credits will include leased modems and/or routers provided by Antietam.
  • We have seen no evidence that the attackers had access to any customer data stored on our systems.
  • We will continue to stress test our Networks to provide every safeguard available against further cyber-attacks.

Nationally recognized third-party experts from vendors, partners and contract specialty groups have collaborated with us 24/7 since these attacks began. Some of these companies include CableLabs, CommScope/ARRIS, and Zcorum. We are grateful for their work and help in responding to these hostilities against our company and our community.

We want to personally apologize to our customers for the disruption and frustration these past weeks have caused in your life. We recognize the internet and phone services we provide are of the utmost importance to you. We would like to thank you for the support and patience you have shown us during this challenging time.

Antietam Broadband is proud to be a local Washington County company. More than 100 employees at Antietam Broadband have worked diligently in recent weeks to assist our customers through this unfortunate time. Just as our employees worked tirelessly to restore services, we will continue to work hard to restore and maintain your confidence.

With our sincere apology,

Brian Lynch - President of Antietam Broadband