Battery Backup Policy


E911 Battery Backup for Voice Services

Power Outages

In years past, the power for telephone service was supplied by battery power from the local telephone central office. Our telephone service is powered locally at your service address. This means that if there is a power outage at your service location, you will be unable to make/receive calls or dial 911 for emergency services. An optional battery backup system for your telephone services can ensure that there is power for your telephone line in the event of a power outage.

Purchase Options

You may choose to purchase a battery backup solution from us. The standard offering delivers 8 hours of standby power. For those wishing for a longer backup duration, a 24-hour option is available.

If you did not elect to add a battery backup solution when you established your Voice services and would like to upgrade, you may still purchase a backup solution from us. Call your local Customer Care Representative at (301) 797-5000 to learn more.

If you prefer to purchase your own backup solution from a retail store, we recommend you contact us first to confirm the system requirements before buying.


Battery backup solutions will only deliver power to the equipment provided for Phone service. Cordless phones, medical monitoring devices, home security systems, and other equipment running off electrical power will not be covered.

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