Synchronous Internet Speeds…What does that mean?

Synchronous internet speeds mean your download speed is the same as your upload speed. Fiber-optic networks like Antietam’s Flight Internet can provide synchronous Internet connections, while shared networks like DSL can only provide asynchronous Internet connections.

Uploading is sending data from your device or computer, such as email, posting on social media, or sharing your video on a Zoom call. Downloading is receiving data from the Internet, for example watching a YouTube video or Netflix show, scrolling through reels on Instagram, or opening your Thursday evening class assignment online.

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Upload and download speeds are measured by the megabits of data your connection can transfer across the internet per second. Many activities we do online use both upload and download capabilities. Online gaming and home surveillance, for example, require both fast upload and download speeds as you see what’s happening in real-time.

Direct fiber with symmetrical speed Internet provides the most reliable and robust Internet connectivity without latency and delays. As we rely more and more on our Internet connections for success at home and work, symmetrical fiber Internet supports maximum connectivity with a dedicated connection. Antietam’s Flight fiber-optic cable carries massive amounts of data quickly with no shared connections.

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