Policies and Procedures

Billing Statements

Antietam Broadband will send you a billing statement once every month. All services are billed one month in advance, with the exception of Pay-Per-View movies or events you have purchased during the month, which are billed after they have aired. Any changes you have made to your service will be reflected from the date of the change to the end of the billing period.

Payment Options

We offer a variety of payment options for your convenience.

  • Pay online at
  • Pay by phone with a debit/credit card or by check.
  • Pay automatically every month via your debit/credit card. Contact our office or visit our website for details.
  • Mail your payment to the address on your billing statement.
  • Pay in person at our office during regular business hours.
  • Pay in person after business hours by placing your payment in our drop box located outside in the front of our building.
Online Customer Care

Visit for our convenient online customer care center, where you can;

  • Make one time bill payments
  • Sign up for recurring payment set up
  • Review and print monthly statements for the current month and previous 6 months
  • Sign up for E-bill or request paper statements
  • View and print telephone call detail
  • Manage telephone calling options
  • Manage telephone voice mail
Late Fee

A late fee will be assessed on your account if payment is not received before the next bill is rendered.

Delinquent Disconnects

If your account has a balance due that is over 61 days old, you are subject to disconnection of your service. Once your service has been disconnected, the entire balance due, a re-connection fee, and one month's service in advance must be paid prior to re-connection. Once payment has been made, your service will be reconnected at the first available opportunity.

Transferring Your Service

If you are moving within Antietam Broadband's service area, please call our office to schedule a date to connect your new service, and supply us with the disconnect service at your old address. There will be a nominal transfer fee charged to your account. If you plan to move outside Antietam's service area, please contact us with the date to disconnect your service. Allow up to 14 days when transferring or disconnecting your service. Please bear in mind , it is your responsibility to return all of Antietam's equipment to our office, make sure your account is paid in full by the due date, and notify us of your forwarding address in the event you are owed a refund.

Changing Your Service

Please contact us anytime you wish to upgrade or change your service. In certain instances, such as adding or relocating a cable outlet, a service call may be required. A time will be scheduled for one of our trained technicians to stop by your home. There may be a fee to upgrade or change your service. A Customer Service Representative can assist you in determining what, if any, costs are associated with the change you are requesting.

Equipment Rentals and Returns

All digital converters, remotes, cable modems, and other related equipment that you rent from Antietam for your services remain the property of Antietam Broadband You are responsible for all equipment while in your possession. Damages beyond normal use, or failure to return said equipment, will result in additional fees.

Refundable Deposit

We may require you to pay a refundable deposit when you activate service(s), if you add Antietam equipment and/or services if you fail to pay any amounts when they are due. If we disconnect your service(s) or are otherwise required under applicable law to refund the deposit, we shall within forty-five (45) days or as otherwise specified by applicable law return a sum equal to the deposit(s) you paid (without interest unless otherwise required by law) minus any amount due on your account (including without limitation, any amounts owed for the service(s) or for any Antietam equipment that is damaged, altered, or not returned).

Theft of Cable Services

Theft of cable services is against Federal and State laws. Such theft results in both increased cost and degradation of the quality of reception to honest customers. Antietam Broadband will continue to prosecute those guilty of stealing cable services to the fullest extent allowed by Federal and State laws. All reports of theft will be fully investigated and appropriate action will be taken.

Authorized User

Antietam Broadband is committed to respecting our customers personal account information, including their telephone records, in accordance with all applicable requirements and because it is the right thing to do. Because of our commitment to protecting your privacy, there will be some instances when only the named account holder (i.e. the person(s) named on the account) can perform certain actions such as:

  • Only named account holders can add additional individuals as authorized users on the account
  • The named account holder can establish 1 additional authorized user on their account
  • Only named account holders and designated authorized users are able to make service changes to an account