Antietam Broadband Expands Multi-Gig Network

Increased Gig Speed available in the Hagerstown Flight Fiber Footprint

October 17, 2022. Hagerstown MD Antietam Broadband expanded their multi-gig network in Washington County, MD to include the city of Hagerstown. Antietam’s direct fiber network, called Flight Fiber, provides speeds up to 2.3 Gig with the flexibility to add more speed in the future. This announcement builds on a multi-gig announcement in Boonsboro in June of this year.

With this network expansion, customers in the Hagerstown Flight fiber footprint will have an enhanced experience with on-line learning, remote work, gaming, and benefits to the multi-user home. This expansion provides:

  • Fast & reliable fiber connection.
  • Up to 2.3 Gbps download and upload speeds.
  • More capacity for multi-device homes.
  • Used for streaming, gaming, upload/download large files.
  • Professional in-home installation by certified technicians.
  • 24/7/365 local tech support.
  • No data caps.

As more devices in the home are connected, the need for symmetrical speeds increases. A Parks Associate study released at CES 2022 showed that the average home in 2017 had 9.6 devices connected, as of 2021 there were an average of 14.5 devices connected. The Flight Fiber system will ensure that each connected device enjoys increased functionality and will reduce latency.

“This expansion into Hagerstown underscores our continued commitment to the community and Washington County at large”, said Brian Lynch, President of Antietam Broadband. “Our fiber network is designed to allow us to rapidly deploy technology as it emerges, all to the benefit of our customers,” said Lynch.

“Antietam Broadband’s partnership with the City of Hagerstown continues to benefit the businesses and residents of our community”, said Emily Keller, Mayor of Hagerstown. “Their on-going investment in our community enhances our quality of life and supports the city’s efforts to make Hagerstown a great place to live and work”, said Keller.

Antietam Broadband has made an over $6 million dollar private capital investment in Washington County to build a Multi-gigabit Broadband direct fiber connection to more than 11,000 homes and businesses.

Antietam’s Flight Fiber direct fiber connection is currently available in Hagerstown’s City Center, areas within and north of the City of Hagerstown, MD and Boonsboro, MD. There are plans to further extend the direct fiber network in Washington County.

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