Programming Update – Channel Changes

New channels!

After a lengthy negotiation with Nexstar, the parent corporation of WDCW, WGNA and WDVM, we have reached acceptable terms for carriage of WDVM on our Broadcast Basic TV service. 

We also negotiated with several media companies for additional value-added channels.

As a result, the following channels will be added to our Broadcast Basic service on January 27, 2021:

WDVM - Channel 12/HD 808

Court TV Mystery - Channel 194

Grit - Channel 195

Laff TV - Channel 196

WETA World - Channel 197

Local X - Channel 198

On January 27th we will also reposition some channels. Doing so will create more bandwidth for faster Internet speeds and other future product enhancements. 

NO ACTION IS NECESSARY - if your TV is connected to equipment from Antietam (TiVO, HD box, Digital Adapter). All channel additions will happen automatically and you will see no change in the locations of your existing channels. 

ACTION NEEDED - if you view channels using the tuner in your television set instead of a cable box or digital adapter from Antietam. You will have to rescan your TV to receive the new and repositioned channels. Please perform this function at any time after 8:00a.m. on January 27, 2021.

Below is a list of channels as they will appear after you rescan.

View Channel Line-up