Programming Alert

Attention Antietam Broadband TV Customers,

Antietam Broadband regrets the retransmission fee negotiations with Nexstar, the parent corporation of WDVM, to secure the rights to continue carrying WDVM on our system were unsuccessful. After three month of negotiations (ranging from early October all the way to New Year's Eve), Antietam Broadband was unable to reach reasonable terms for our company and our customers.  As a result, Nexstar pulled WDVM from our channel line-up when the agreement ended on 12/31/2018.

Retransmission fees are the costs otherwise free local broadcast TV stations demand that Antietam Broadband pay in order to have their station available on the channel line-up.  

WDVM is demanding an unreasonable increase, with additional new terms, to continue carrying them as part of Antietam’s channel line-up. 

Heroes & Icons Network (H&I) is also available to all Antietam basic television customers on channel 191. 

WDVM news for PA, DC, MD and VA is available on their website and mobile app.

With the loss of its NBC affiliation and call letter change to WDVM, the station’s news coverage now includes greater emphasis on Washington D.C., Virginia, and West Virginia.  For years, WHAG news coverage was focused primarily in the Hagerstown/Washington County vicinity.   

Antietam Broadband wants you to have access to all your favorite programs at a price that’s fair. We know that anything less is unacceptable.  

  • Channels you want: As local cable operators, we work every day on behalf of our customers to make sure you have access to the channels you want.
  • Fair price: When networks demand higher fees, local cable operators are forced to pass along some of these costs to customers.  We fight for lower rates for you.

We are a local Hagerstown business. Our employees live in the Washington County area.  This means we invest in our community, and are committed to serving you – our friends, families and neighbors.

Visit for complete information on broadcast programming costs and what we are doing to help keep those costs in check.