ANTIETAM BROADBAND Partners with the Flying Boxcars Baseball Team to Elevate Fan Experience while also deploying their Flight Fiber connection to Meritus Park

Hagerstown, MD, May 2, 2024 – Antietam Broadband is thrilled to announce today their exciting new partnership with the Flying Boxcars Baseball Team. This collaboration marks a significant milestone for both organizations as they aim to elevate the fan experience and bring innovation to the ballpark with Antietam’s Flight Fiber – 100% fiber connection to Meritus Park.

As part of the partnership, Antietam Broadband, a Washington County multi-gig telecommunication company, will become a multi-year sponsor providing innovative broadband connectivity solutions throughout the stadium. With Flight Fiber, fans can expect seamless digital engagement opportunities and an immersive and interactive experience during games and events.

"We are excited to partner with the Flying Boxcars Baseball Team and enrich the fan experience through technology and innovation," said Tony Heaton, President, and General Manager of Antietam Broadband. "We are passionate about connecting consumers and technology and utilizing our Flight Fiber network to elevate the fan experience.”

“We are delighted to join forces with Antietam Broadband." said David Blenckstone, General Manager, the Flying Boxcars Baseball Team. “In today's digital age, connectivity plays a crucial role in engaging fans and creating memorable moments. With Flight Fiber’s state-of-the-art technology, we are confident that our partnership will give fans a connection to enjoy baseball like never before.”

Antietam’s sponsored FLIGHT DECK will be on the main level of the concourse for fan enjoyment. Flight Fiber will be found throughout the ballpark, not just on the Flight Deck. Flight Fiber will be the pipeline for all video and broadband throughout the stadium including the club level. The team will also be able to access Flight Fiber throughout the facility.

In addition to enhancing connectivity, the partnership between Antietam Broadband and the Flying Boxcars will explore opportunities for fan engagement and community outreach initiatives. Antietam Broadband will collaborate with the Flying Boxcars Baseball Team to develop innovative digital content, interactive experiences, and exclusive promotions and social media messaging for fans of all ages.

The multi-year partnership between Antietam Broadband and the Flying Boxcars Baseball Team reflects their shared commitment to excellence, innovation, and community engagement. By combining their expertise and resources, both organizations are poised to deliver unparalleled experiences for fans and contribute to the growth and development of the community.

Take Flight!


About the Atlantic League of Professional Baseball (ALPB): Celebrating its third decade, the Atlantic League is Major League Baseball’s first Professional Partner League, a player gateway to the major leagues, and a leader in baseball innovation. Over its 25-year history, the ALPB has sent over 1,400 players to MLB organizations while drawing over 47 million fans to its family-friendly ballparks. Please visit

About Flight Fiber: Flight Fiber is Antietam Broadband’s 100% fiber broadband service. Flight Fiber is currently available in areas within the City of Hagerstown, Boonsboro, and Sharpsburg, MD. In 2024, the network will expand in Washington and Carroll Counties.

About Antietam Broadband: Antietam Broadband, founded in 1966, was acquired by Schurz Communications, Inc. in 1968. Antietam is a full-service telecommunications company offering a full range of residential and business-class technology solutions including fiber, internet, video, and phone service. Antietam currently operates in Washington and Carroll County, Maryland. Antietam introduced Flight Gigabit Internet service in 2016 and made Hagerstown the 75th gigabit city in the country and expanded to a multi-gig network in 2022. The company is focused on enhancing the lives of its customers by supplying the latest telecommunication services and supporting the highest standards of excellence in customer care and technical service.

Jim Gordon for Antietam Broadband