Service Protection Plan Definitions, Terms and Conditions

Plan Definitions:

The Service Protection Plan (“The Plan”) covers service calls that (1) require repair to twisted pair telephone wiring, Antietam Cable Television wiring and/or Antietam Cable Internet service wiring located inside the customer’s home, and/or (2) identify whether the source of a service problem resides within the inside wiring or the customer’s on-premise equipment. Inside wiring covered under this plan is owned by the customer or a third party and is defined as wiring that begins at the “Demarcation Point,” which begins 12 inches outside the customer’s residence and extends to the individual phone jacks, cable and Internet outlets and extensions in the home. Without the Plan, Antietam can repair inside wiring but will have to charge certain fees based upon the time required to complete the maintenance activity. Repair and maintenance beyond the Demarcation Point is the responsibility of Antietam except for non-Antietam telephony customers where the wiring is owned by another telephone service provider, or unless there is deliberate damage to, or pre-existing problems with the wiring on the outside of the home.

Plan Terms and Conditions:

The Plan only applies to customers that subscribe to Antietam video service, Antietam high-speed cable Internet service and/or Antietam digital voice service. The plan only covers inside wiring associated with the Antietam services and twisted pair telephone service provided by other local exchange (telephone) companies. Specifically, the plan does not cover inside wiring used to deliver the following services: 1) non-standard telephone systems such as PBX or fixed wireless services, 2) video or data transmission services delivered by Direct Broadcast Satellite, Multi-channel Multi-point, CBand, fixed wireless providers and other providers, 3) Digital Subscriber Lines (“DSL”) or similar high-speed data lines or video offering provided by an existing or competitive local exchange carrier. In addition to inside wiring, the plan includes repair and replacement of jumper cables, amps purchased from Antietam, connectors, splitters, phone jacks and extensions within the Demarcation Point.

The Plan is optional and covers all inside wire-related service calls, pursuant to the Plan’s terms, for as long as the customer subscribes to the Plan. The Plan may be cancelled at any time; however, if the Plan is cancelled within 60 days of a service call the customer will be charged the full service rate. The Plan does not cover repair to customer premise equipment (i.e. TV, DVD player, surround sound, faxes, scanners, printers, external devices, telephones, etc.); however, customers subscribing to the Plan will not pay for a service visit even if the Antietam technician discovers that the trouble is within the customer’s equipment. The Plan does not cover initial installation or installation of primary or additional Internet or cable outlets or telephone jacks or the move or reconfiguration of existing Internet or cable outlets and telephone jacks. Additional fees may apply for work performed that is not covered by this Plan. The Plan is effective the day the customer orders the Plan. Charges for the Plan and any other terms or conditions applicable to the Plan may change at any time with at least 30-day prior written notice. The Plan does not cover the repair of wire concealed within a wall (i.e. wire that is wall fished). If the repair is not covered under the Plan the customer may: 1) make the repair themselves, 2) hire an outside contractor. The plan does not cover rewiring after a home is destroyed or damaged by fire, flood, earthquake, acts of nature, vandalism, gross negligence or willful damage. Antietam customers residing in multiple dwelling units, such as apartments, condominium or other group facility, please note that under the laws of some states or applicable agreements, landlords and not tenants, may be responsible for repair to and maintenance of some or all inside wiring. The customer must contact their landlord or building manager to determine responsibility. Except as expressly set forth herein, and as permitted by law, Antietam shall not be liable for any damages (including indirect, incidental, punitive or consequential damages of any kind) arising from services performed under this agreement. Antietam makes no warranties, express or implied, under this agreement and specifically disclaims any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. The Plan is subject to Antietam’s standard terms and conditions. Other restrictions may apply.