Local Survivors Tell Their Stories

Lana Reynolds

"If you think you feel something, you need to get it checked out."

Kathy Brody

"Never give up."

Jennifer Wolfgang

"My experience fighting breast cancer, was take it one day at a time."

"Get yourself checked yearly."

"It's possible to have a life afterwards."

Debbie Kilgore

"The sooner you go and get checked out, the better your prognosis is going to be."

Sharon Poole

"Wednesday morning they called and said they found a malignant, aggressive tumor."

"I feel like I've been given a gift [of life]."

Sally Ashley

"I was diagnosed on March 26th, and on April 14th I had a double mastectomy."

"My initial reaction was, what do I next?"

Debbie Kilgore

"I found a lump through a self exam."

"I knew this wasn't going to be my death sentence."

"Get your mammograms."

Jennifer Nance

"I found a tumor, just by chance."

"I had a clear mammogram 4 months before."

"I have a whole new appreciation for the small things in life."

Buck Browning

"I was diagnosed because I had discharge coming out of my left nipple."

"I cant say I really had a lot of fear, as much as 'its time to get to work and figure out how do we address this.'"

"It's been over a year since I've had radiation treatment, and we are still trying to figure out, what do I owe? What do I need to give back, because I was fortunate".

Selena Doyle

"I was actually diagnosed with Breast Cancer in both breasts, not just one."

"I worked through my whole treatment. I would usually go in on Fridays, and I would feel yucky Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, and then Wednesday I would say, 'I think I can do this again!'"

"It's a battle that you're going to have to fight, but keeping positive will help you defeat it."

Lisa Small

"I had just turned 48, and it was a self exam, because I had just had my Mammogram in December."

"I was glad we found it. About a week later, is when I had my mastectomy."

"Self exam is very important. I know it may seem odd or funny to do that, but honestly you are the only one who knows your body the best."

Janet Lung

"I was 37, and I was in the shower and I found a lump. So I went to my Gynecologist, where he did a breast exam and scheduled a Mamogram. Before I knew it, I was in a surgeon's office, finding out that he thought that I had Breast Cancer."

"I worked through my treatment. I had chemo and radiation and I worked the whole time through treatment. Some days were rough, and others not so much, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do."