Local Survivor Tell Their Stories

Sharon Poole

"Wednesday morning they called and said they found a malignant, agressive tumor."

"I feel like I've been given a gift [of life]."

Sally Ashley

"I was diagnosed on March 26th, and on April 14th I had a double mastectomy."

"My initial reaction was, what do I do next?"

Debbie Kilgore

"I found a lump through a self exam."

"I knew this wasn't going to be my death sentence."

"Get your mammograms."

Jennifer Nance

"I found a tumor, just by chance."

"I had a clear mammogram 4 months before."

"I have a whole new appreciation for the small things in life."

Buck Browning

"I was diagnosed because I had discharge coming out of my left nipple."

"I cant say I really had a lot of fear, as much as 'its time to get to work and figure out how do we address this.'"

"It's been over a year since I've had radiation treatment, and we are still trying to figure out, what do I owe? What do I need to give back, because I was fortunate".

Selena Doyle

"I was actually diagnosed with Breast Cancer in both breasts, not just one."

"I worked through my whole treatment. I would usually go in on Fridays, and I would feel yucky Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, and then Wednesday I would say, 'I think I can do this again!'"

"It's a battle that you're going to have to fight, but keeping positive will help you defeat it."

Lisa Small

"I had just turned 48, and it was a self exam, because I had just had my Mammogram in December."

"I was glad we found it. About a week later, is when I had my mastectomy."

"Self exam is very important. I know it may seem odd or funny to do that, but honestly you are the only one who knows your body the best."

Janet Lung

"I was 37, and I was in the shower and I found a lump. So I went to my Gynecologist, where he did a breast exam and scheduled a Mamogram. Before I knew it, I was in a surgeon's office, finding out that he thought that I had Breast Cancer."

"I worked through my treatment. I had chemo and radiation and I worked the whole time through treatment. Some days were rough, and others not so much, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do."